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Case Studies

Find out more about the engineering projects we get involved in.

Corinthian Engineering reduced a client’s manufacturing costs by up to 40%

Recently, after finalising the fabrication stage on one of Corinthian’s collaboration projects, we were informed that our input has resulted in a 40% DECREASE in manufacturing costs as compared to previous iterations of the product.

Corinthian Engineering was awarded the contract to assist a prestigious client with improving their manufacturing efficiencies. Upon evaluating the pain points of the manufacturing process, we opted to modify the design of the equipment. We quickly understood that improving the fundamentals of the equipment would pave the way for a more accurate commercial analysis.


Corinthian outlined three simple goals for this project:

  • Reduce component manufacturing costs

  • Maintain machine safety compliance

  • Maintain product quality

Fabrication Design Process

After our initial observations and analysis, the first and major element of the design change was to replace over-engineered machined items with sheet metal components. For this process, we relied heavily on our decade of experience designing complex 316L and 304 fabrications for the pharmaceutical industry.  Using this knowledge Corinthian Engineering was able to evaluate which components required fabrication and which components could be laser cut. We also implemented our specific methodological approach to this type of design - however how this is done will remain our little secret… 😊 

As a result of the changes we implemented, we were able to calculate a 40% reduction in component manufacturing costs, in addition to improved time efficiencies. 

Additional Design changes

In addition to improving the design at the component level, Corinthian also took the time to evaluate and improve the sub-assembly structure of the system.  This key change allows our client to assemble the majority of the system at the bench-top before applying each sub-assembly to the overall machine, reducing worker fatigue and allowing our client to plan a consistent workflow throughout the year. 

Indirect effects  

As a result of the above-discussed improvements, one key indirect saving was the ability for the componentry to be stored in a flatpack format, reducing storage space and allowing our client to hold more stock of components. 

If you would like to explore the possibility of reducing your manufacturing costs, get in touch.

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