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Product Design

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At Corinthian Engineering, our internal design team use cutting-edge software, including Autodesk Inventor, Nastran, AutoCAD and SEE Electrical, to enhance or develop your bespoke machinery.

Keeping your company's product designs up to date gives your business a highly competitive edge. This simple exercise can help you attract more customers while saving your business money in the long run.

Our designs include:


2D Drawings

From concepts or room layouts to technical manufacturing drawings. With our in-house AutoCAD package, we can cover it all.


Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

Need a process mapping? Our knowledge of process engineering allows us to construct detailed P&IDs.


Electrical Schematics

Our in-house SEE electrical schematic design system allows us to perform new designs or re-draw existing electrical systems, making life easier for your engineers.


Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations (CFD)

A decade of experience with laminar flow systems combined with Ansys Fluent allows us to provide you with computation fluid dynamic simulations. Analysing fluids such as steady state flow, transient flow, Non-Newtonian Viscosity, compressible and incompressible flow; for subsonic parameters. (Supersonic and Hypersonic state analysis can be offered upon request).


3D Models

Detailed and complex 3D models for manufacturing can be constructed with our Autodesk Inventor software.


Pneumatic Schematics

With an advanced knowledge of pneumatic systems, we can conduct new designs or re-draw existing systems in compliance with ISO4414.


Mechanical Analysis Simulations (FEA)

We have the computing power and knowledge to perform analytical mechanical simulations for your products. Using our Autodesk Nastran package and Alienware computers, we can perform static stress/strain/displacement analysis, heat flux/convection, and hydrostatic stress analysis.

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