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About us

Corinthian Engineering has been formed specifically to provide an engineering service that is more centric to client support and solution discovery. 


Specialising in facilitating turnkey new product development from the initial concept through to product launch, Corinthian can take away the problems troubling your R&D and Engineering departments. 

Why are we here?

We closely examined the pain points often encountered by engineering and manufacturing companies and narrowed them down to key 4 areas in which Corinthian Engineering can assist.

Mid-size companies often have R&D budgets but lack the internal labour resource to commit to the project

Understanding the specific compliance requirements and facilitating the correct procedures to attain CE/UKCA certification can cause labour intensive development and increase R&D costs immensely


In some cases, new product development requires knowledge and experience that exceeds the company's core engineering skills and principles


Due to strained resources, the new product's viability can often be overlooked without time being dedicated to the upfront research necessary

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach

As a supplier we are dedicated to providing a customer-centric approach to engineering - prioritising our concern with supporting our clients through projects and returning the knowledge gained back into their businesses. 

As a business we are passionate about forging a company that allows our staff the ability to excel with their specific knowledge and skills, with ever-growing opportunities for development. 


Our integrity is affirmed by our transparency.


We recognise that - at the end of each project - there is a customer.


We acknowledge the importance of mixing scientific development with engineered practicality.


We enjoy what we do and that's how we measure employee satisfaction too.


Put simply, we love what we do and have passion for everything science and engineering.

Meet the Team

We work with the very best specialists in their respective fields.

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