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Industrial Extraction Done Better. 

We’re proud to announce the development of our very own product - the Meliora Combi-Flow Extraction Workbench. 


With roots deeply seated within the pharmaceutical and chemical industry...

Designed to suit multiple processes in a plethora of industries where operator protection and product excellence are the main priorities, Meliora offers a combined laminar air flow regime that extracts airborne particulates and harmful fumes away from the operator’s breathing zone whilst providing a physical barrier between the process and surrounding environment. 


Perfect for the additive manufacturing, cannabinoid manufacturing, pharmaceutical and engineering industries: this system can be used for anything from 3D printing to component blow down.


The new extraction workbench has been developed based on years of experience designing sterile extraction systems, with its roots deeply seated within the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The touch screen HMI interface and the height adjustable glass sash help to improve usability while the Quick Click technology allows for ultrafast filter change (<3min). 

Extract the right way.

Double Safety

Integrated F9 Filter and Carbon Filter

Operating Ease

Quick Click filter technology

Innovative Design

Hinged vertically-adjusting glass sash

Safety comes first.

Focusing on operator protection, the Meliora bench comes fitted with an onboard carbon filter as standard, ensuring unrivalled fume extraction and allowing the air to be safely passed back into the surrounding environment. Corinthian Engineering’s experience within pharmaceutical containment has heavily impacted the design of the extraction system, providing an air gun as standard, developing an adjustable sash for different height operators, and putting extra measures into removing airborne dust particles and harmful fumes away from any operators’ breathing zone. 

The Meliora Combi-flow has been designed with quality in mind.

Accounting for time reductions wherever possible, including installation - sized to fit through a single leaf door, [no smaller than 1.9m (H) x 0.9m (W)] allowing the unit to be simply pushed into its final location and connected to power and air. 

Meliora Render 1.png

Key Features

  • Overall Size of 1780mm [70”] (Wide) x 800mm [31.5”] (Depth) x 1900mm [75”] (Height) with a 1200mm [47”] x 625mm [24.5”] working area 

  • 304 Stainless Steel Internal Tray 

  • Powder coated white structure

  • Intuitive controls system incorporating a 7” touch screen HMI

  • Hinged vertically adjusting glass sash (adjustment between 0mm [0”] and 250mm [10”])

  • Braked swivel castors

  • Integrated F9 Filter and Carbon Filter

  • Quick Click filter technology

  • ½” female quick connect (air connection)

  • Air gun 

  • 2 x IP65 power sockets

Tell us what you need for your process... and become our prototyping partner 

Our prototyping partners will have the opportunity to develop their own bespoke Meliora - suited to their needs and processes - collaboratively with Corinthian Engineering

Pre-order your standard Meliora

The Meliora will be launched to pre-order as a standard product, but we’ve included a list of optional extras in our product configurator below, recognising that the needs of various industries which could benefit from using our innovative extraction workbench can differ. 

Official launch date to be announced in the upcoming months. 

Configure your standard Meliora

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