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Our Capabilities

Here's how Corinthian Engineering can help with your project

New Product Development

Have a new idea?

We can help by providing our expertise and practical capabilities to assist your business in future-proofing sales via new product development. A structured and efficient approach allows us to tailor our support to your needs. Our diverse skill set and varied industrial experience allow us to take a concept idea through research and prototyping to design, development and manufacturing, before certification and product launch.

Corinthian Engineering’s structured approach demonstrated below can alleviate the struggle points associated with the “zeta” loop. 

What we’ve identified as the “zeta” loop is a variable that is often marginalised. The “zeta” loop can be considered as the most important stage of new product development - this function provides a transition from research and concept to design and manufacture and is paramount in attaining successful development of a product. As the “zeta” loop is a pure unknown variable that is constructed of both a time and financial value, this can be a big obstacle for businesses.

Don’t R&D on a project, make R&D the project.

Our thirst to problem solve extends to any engineering requirement.

Our thirst to problem solve extends to any engineering requirement. Do you have an obstacle to overcome? The knowledge, skills and passion we have, allow Corinthian to undertake a multitude of engineering works; for example do you have a production line that requires additional sections to increase output? We can produce process and automation equipment to your exact requirements to high and compliant standards. Additionally, our extensive experience within the pharmaceutical industry allows us to provide equipment and products to a EU cGMP, ISO14644 and Annex 1 standards.

Engineered Solutions


Our Abilities

Research Services

Struggling to get a full understanding? 

With previous research projects performed for the aerospace/defense sector, our published researchers can assist your business in gaining further knowledge about technologies, materials, product applications, or even market needs.

Technical Services

High levels of qualification, vast experience, and a varied skill set. These are all embedded within the foundations of Corinthian to assist us in providing your company with the best in technical capabilities. Whether this is applicable to new product development, or bespoke automation equipment we are manufacturing.

Our 3D design knowledge extends across both Solidworks and Inventor with experience in the 3D and detail design for the manufacture of complex fabrications, precision components, and machinery. Additionally, our experience with AutoCAD allows the design of electrical systems, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), and pneumatic systems to be performed. We are highly experienced with the design of pharmaceutical-grade systems compliant with cGMP principles further advancing our skillset. 

Is there enough science behind the design? Utilising our Autodesk Nastran simulation software, we can perform finite element analysis (FEA) on our products to ensure the design is safe and suitable for its use.

Want to be on board with Industry 4.0? Our cloud-based electronic documentation system for Operation and Maintenance (O&M) manuals can help with that transition. Additionally, with an inbuilt academy, our system can assist your company with the reduction of post-installation visits for operator training. All our documentation is produced in line with ISO9001 principles. 


A combination of the right software and experience in delivering high-value contracts allows Corinthian to suitably manage any size project in an efficient and practical manner.


Mechanical, electrical, machining, 3D printing, pneumatics, fabrication - we can accommodate it all. And if we can’t provide it in-house? We have a large, trusted supplier network to assist us in these areas, built over years of working in the engineering industry.


As our engineers are apprentice-trained and degree-qualified, comfort can be taken in knowing that the individual who designs and manages your project will also be the engineer building it.

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